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New World Experiments: England's Seventeenth-Century Colonies

Chapter 2

There were different groups of English settlers that established many different colonies in North America. Some Englishmen migrated to North America which was also known as the new world, for economic reasons, religious, land, or to avoid conflict. Such as a bad marriage (it was very hard to get a devoice), or wars.

The English had two colonies that they established around the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia and Maryland. In Virginia tobacco was a commercial crop, later on it became the key to success. Maryland was established as a religious sanctuary for persecuted Catholics from England. Last but not least freeman status was granted in Massachusetts Bay for males (adult) who were church members.

Important facts:
~House of Burgesses-an elective representative assembly in colonial Virginia. It was the first example of representative government in the English Colonies.
~Mayflower Compact-agreement among the Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower in 1620 to create a civil government at Plymouth Colony.

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